• Trading Signals - A group run by our highly experienced and professional trader. You can duplicate our Company trading, so all the work is done for you. Worth big money, but free to all Powerhouse Network members
    • Marketing Powerhouse ( Coming Soon ) - Our own Decentralised system that allows you to earn a constant stream of ethereum, just for doing simple marketing activities. A guaranteed way to earn from marketing, while at the same time building your portfolio, ensuring you get results for your efforts


    • Powermine - The Worlds first decentralised mining contracts. Each Token is a representative of hashing power to enter the Powermine Pool, as the pool grows so will the value of your token too. Receive Ethereum airdrops directly to your wallet twice weekly.


    • Exclusive entrance to charitable token sales, providing you the option to not only accumulate ever increasing valuable tokens (passive income) but helping those in need too.
    • Marketing and trading training suite coming soon sharing a world of knowledge to ensure your online success, for incomparable prices.

Meet the team

"I've been a CFD & FX trader since 2013, and a crypto assets' trader since 2015. I believe in Internet & Cryptocurrency to be the solutions that will make this world a better place. My core values go hand in hand with the vision of the Powerhouse Network, and I am happy and excited to be part of this amazing team!

Nabil Amrani

Director Of Trading

"I've been in the industry living the laptop lifestyle and earning multiple 6 figure incomes for 6+ years, but the biggest enjoyment comes from supporting others to break through to financial freedom and live the lifestyle they want and deserve!"

Darren Bradbury

Marketing and Network Director

  • Powerhouse Network offers the ultimate in security and protection of your business with our passive income streams running through the blockchain. Complete decentralisation's.

  • Pure transparency, well known and trusted owners. We do regular livestreams across Facebook and YouTube, ensuring all our members are up to date and know who is steering the ship. Also we have a full support team in place, to help if ever you need them.

  • Powerhouse Network is a fully registered British Limited Company found under registration number 10698064, with a Fully registered Croatian Branch Office. Both can be found on the relevant countries public file.

The Vision of
Powerhouse Network

Our vision in Powerhouse Network is To give people the opportunity to change their lives and reach that goal of financial freedom. We all see the huge and ever growing market of crypto currencies to be the future of money as we know it and as innovators in this market we use that power to provide high quality income streams for our members. We offer everything an individual needs to be successful online, passive income streams that are professionally managed, training packages, traffic packages and of course the tools themselves to fast track your success. The industry has changed many, many lives already and our vision is to keep that going for a very long time to come. We share the vision of our members as we truly want what is best for you. We're a team that has lots of experience in Trading, Marketing and Programming to bring you a highly successful system, that will fast track your success.